Call Centers in Mexico by the Numbers: Insights into Mexico’s Call Center Industry

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According to recent research, there are over 300 call centers in Mexico with a young workforce with a range of ages between 20 years and 29 years old. With a focus on the US and Canada, over 160 thousand workers are currently employed in campaigns related to customer service, among others. 

How big is the BPO market in Mexico?

$1.4 Billion is the anticipated revenue from Mexico’s contact center services industry by 2025, boasting a growth rate exceeding 3.7 percent. 

The BPO market in Mexico is on the brink of significant expansion, as suggested by these projections. This noteworthy figure highlights the current state of Mexico’s economy and underscores its potential for further growth and development in the BPO sector. With such promising indicators, Mexico stands poised to solidify its position as a key player in the global BPO market, offering ample opportunities for investment and expansion.

Call centers in Mexico by size 

In Mexico’s bustling BPO scene, the big dogs reign supreme with the top 3 largest call centers boasting impressive capacities ranging from 7,000 to 15,000 seats. These giants dominate the landscape, handling massive volumes of customer interactions with finesse and efficiency. On the flip side, the underdogs, the smaller centers, and startups hold their own with humble yet promising operations, typically housing between 10 and 50 seats. 

Despite their smaller scale, these agile players showcase the potential for growth and innovation, carving out niches in specialized services and catering to niche markets. Together, they form a diverse ecosystem driving Mexico’s call center industry forward with a blend of size, scale, and agility.

Remote work

The pandemic augmented the need for increased communication between brands and customers. Digital sales boomed and with them the need for remote customer service representatives. This allowed Mexican call centers to start offering remote – work-from-home opportunities, which opened the door to more inclusive job opportunities. 


Top Services provided by Mexican Call Centers

Mexican call centers offer a diverse range of top-notch services to meet various business needs. From handling customer support and closing sales to managing back-office tasks and collections, they’ve got it covered. Need tech support? No problem! These call centers excel at providing help desk services. They’re also pros at client retention and telemarketing, driving business growth with effective market research strategies. Plus, they prioritize quality assurance to ensure top-notch service delivery across the board. Whether it’s boosting sales or enhancing customer satisfaction, Mexican call centers are the go-to choice for businesses looking to outsource their operations.


Call Centers in Mexico: Channel Utilization 

  • Phone calls
  • Email
  • Chat Online
  • Social Media & MMS
  • IVR
  • Video Calls 

Call centers in Mexico leverage various communication channels to cater to diverse customer needs and preferences. These channels include traditional methods like phone calls and email, as well as modern avenues such as online chat, social media interactions, multimedia messaging services (MMS), interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and even video calls. By offering multiple channels for communication, call centers in Mexico ensure that customers can reach out through their preferred medium, enhancing accessibility and improving overall satisfaction levels.


Top languages: 

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese


¨Contact centres have played a crucial role in customer support in the past few years as companies have increased their focus on providing quality customer support and establishing customer loyalty to keep businesses lucrative.¨( Future Market Insights)



Where are the call centers in Mexico located? 

Map of main cities or hubs of registered call centers in Mexico (INEGI)

Photo source: INEGI 

As shown in the map, Mexican call centers are distributed across the country in different states, from the Tijuana border in Baja California the City of Mexico, Monterrey, Guadalajara, to the southern border. Just in Tijuana, there are over 70+ centers.


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