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CallZent is a multichannel call center in Tijuana focused on helping your business elevate customer support to new heights.

Tijuana: The Proximity

Tijuana call centers operate in the Pacific Time Zone, making it convenient for real-time communication with U.S. businesses. 

Being in the same time zone also allows for seamless coordination between your in-house teams and the outsourced call center, leading to smoother operations and enhanced customer service.

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Call Center Services

A Call center in Tijuana can offer a wide range of services to help your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Handle incoming calls from customers, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and offering support with efficiency and professionalism

Make proactive calls to potential customers, existing clients, or other businesses.  Expand market reach, foster customer relationships, and increase revenue.

Multichannel Customer Support

Call Centers in Tijuana can help you meet customers where they are.

Every customer is unique, and their preferred method of communication can vary greatly—from phone calls and emails to live chats, social media, and SMS.

By offering multiple channels for customer support, your businesses can ensure that each customer can connect with your brand in the way that feels most comfortable and convenient for them. (read more)

benefits of Working with a Call center in Tijuana

Bilingual & Skilled Talent 

One of Tijuana Call Centers’ most significant advantages is our highly skilled and bilingual workforce.

Our teams are fluent in both English and Spanish, making them a great fit for customer support roles. 

Our bilingual proficiency enhances customer interactions and allow your company to serve a broader market, including Hispanic and Latinx customers in the U.S. and Latin America.

Cost-Effective Operations

Tijuana call centers are considerably more cost-effective than in many U.S. cities. 

This competitive advantage represents lower operational expenses, without compromising the quality of service.

The cost savings achieved by outsourcing to Tijuana can help you optimize your core business functions.

Cultural Alignment 

Cultural alignment is another key benefit of working with a call center in Tijuana. 

The cultural similarities and shared values between the U.S. and Mexico facilitate better understanding and rapport between customer support agents and clients. 

This cultural resonance enhances the overall customer experience, as agents can more effectively empathize with and address customer concerns.

Talent in Tijuana

Tijuana’s bilingual talent is highly skilled. 

  1. Cultural Competence: Tijuana call center talent understands both American and Mexican cultures, can navigate conversations smoothly, addressing customers’ needs with cultural sensitivity.
  2. Technical Proficiency: Many bilingual call center agents in Tijuana are adept at using various customer relationship management (CRM) software and other technical tools essential for efficient call handling.

  3. Customer Service Excellence: Tijuana’s talent is known for their strong customer service skills, including patience, empathy, and the ability to resolve issues promptly and professionally.

  4. Adaptability and Problem-Solving: Agents are quick thinkers and can adapt to different customer scenarios, providing effective solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Call Center Industry in Tijuana

Over the last 30 years, the border city has emerged as a nearshore hub with significant business applications for U.S. organizations. Tijuana Call centers have capitalized on the local workforce’s skills and availability.

The largest number of migrants who entered Tijuana in the last 5 years came from the United States (26.6k people)

With the same relocation incentives and robust telecommunication infrastructure as the rest of Mexico, Tijuana leverages numerous free market benefits and tax incentives to attract international businesses.

The proximity to large U.S. cities, just minutes from the border, offers substantial cost savings without compromising convenience or time zone alignment compared to the much pricier domestic locations on the Pacific West Coast.

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Our Offices in Tijuana

Our Team

Our leadership team combines over 20+ years of experience leading call center operations in Tijuana Mexico.

As a family of like-minded individuals, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our agents, our clients and their customers. 

CallZent is a multichannel Mexican call center that empowers our agents to deliver exceptional customer service. Partner with us and experience what a difference a happy, passionate, and engaged team can make for your business.

 Call Centers Jobs In Tijuana

Thinking of joining our team? 

Howdy job seekers! If you’ve been scouring the job market and thinking about diving into the call center world, you’re in the right place. Tijuana is becoming a hotspot for call center jobs. Check some common call center jobs in Tijuana.

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call center in tijuana
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