Is Proximity to the US Important When Choosing a Call Center Partner?

Is Proximity to the US Important When Choosing a Call Center Partner?

The old adage states, location, location, location and many times this is true. Sometimes it is better to go off the beaten path in search of something incredible, this is why we have 3 Michelin Star restaurants, where the restaurant becomes the destination.

Tijuana is a special combination of both Mexican and US cultures. We have McDonalds and Costco but we also have the best tacos and craft beer in Mexico. A blended symbiotic commercial relationship that has existed since the prohibition era.

Yes, Tijuana is Mexico and yes Tijuana has a lot of the US as well. Real Estate is in dollars as well as some services and the dollar is an everyday currency that is interchangeable with the Mexican peso. In no other city in Mexico is the dollar more accepted even in the local convenience stores and taco shops away from the tourist areas.


outsource call center operations to Mexico


This being said, Tijuana is the second largest city in Mexico and it boasts a large population of English speakers. Some speak the language because they have been speaking English since they were children and consider it their native tongue, others have learned English through school and others have learned English from the proximity to the US and everything a cultural relationship between Tijuana and San Diego creates.

Because there are a large number of English speakers, Tijuana has become a hub for call centers in Mexico, with many US companies setting up their operations in Tijuana. Why? Well, one of the main reasons is the location, the easy access to Mexico and the easy access to the US.

We have clients that drive in from Los Angeles and drive back the same day, they say it’s a road trip and well worth the drive for the tacos. There is something about eating tacos in Mexico.


Outsource Your Call Center Operations to Mexico



We have clients come in from all over the US because of the proximity to San Diego. They fly into San Diego, we pick them up at the airport they visit our center and when the visit is over, we drive them back to the San Diego airport, and they fly back home. Easy.

Tijuana is a five-hour flight from the East Coast, a three-hour flight from the Midwest, and a 60 to 90-minute flight from cities like San Francisco and Phoenix. So if you ask our clients, they will say yes, location is important when choosing a call center, but it’s all about the tacos.

When choosing a call center to run your operation location plays a key role. The closer the call center is located to your location, the easier it is for your current employees to visit, train, supervise, and more importantly meet the team they are working with. This is crucial to your campaign’s success because it allows your employees to meet, motivate and create a team with your remote agents in Tijuana.

At CallZent, we understand the importance of outsourcing your campaign to a reliable, trustworthy partner that will handle your operation with the same level of commitment and care that you do. We are not just a call center we are your remote team in Mexico.

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